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Turnbuckle Ankle Orthosis

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$ 299.00
SKU GBB66426-S

The AliMed Turnbuckle Ankle Orthosis is designed to allow clinicians the ability to stretch the ankle joint, reducing contracture and controlling muscle imbalance. This ankle orthosis features a unique, triangular design, terry-foam laminate lining, and padded straps.


Turnbuckle Ankle Orthosis Features:

  1. Triangular design
  2. Bilateral turnbuckles
  3. Independent range or motion control
  4. Padded straps
  5. Fully lined
  6. Washable liner
  7. Terry-foam laminate lining
  8. Enlarged heel area
  9. Limited skin friction
  10. Gentle on sensitive skin
  11. Fits right or left foot
  12. Fits a variety of foot sizes
  13. Sold individually


Size Guide

Women 5-7 and Men 5-6
Women 8-11 and Men 6-9
Women 12+ and Men 10+


Brand:  AliMed
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The Turnbuckle Ankle Orthosis includes a turnbuckle for gradual modification of the angle at the ankle joint. The ankle orthosis also boasts padded toe and calve straps built into the liner, and an ankle strap that is independent. The padded ankle strap hold the ankle against the brace, limiting friction against the skin.

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