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Urotrack 400 Temperature Sensing Catheter


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The Urotrack 400 Temperature - Sensing Catheter is designed to accurately sense core body temperature as it aids in emptying the bladder. This Bard Medical catheter is sterile, features a Lubricath Hydrophilic polymer coating, it fills up to 5cc and is available in the 16 fr size.


Temperature Catheter Features:

  • Temperature-sensing foley catheter
  • Lubricath Hydrophilic polymer coating
  • Single-use
  • Sterile
  • Available in 16 fr


How can this Lubricath Catheter help my patients?

Keeping the body's temperature in check is an important part of patient care. Significant heat loss means that the patient will have a lower immunity response and puts them at a higher risk for surgical site infection.  One of the most effective ways to monitor core temperature is by using a temperature catheter. Studies have shown that bladder temperature correlates best with pulmonary arterial temperate over rectal and esophageal methods. It is a safe, minimally invasive way to monitor body temperature more for your patient. The hydrophilic polymer coating of this particular product helps reduce irritation of the urethral mucosa, therefore minimizing encrustation for an infection-free, more comfortable patient catheter.

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