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Wings Choice Plus Quilted Adult Briefs


$ 47.00 $ 69.95

Kendall Wings Choice Plus Quilted Adult Briefs are designed to keep your patient comfortable and dry during times of incontinence. Made with a breathable cloth-like backing, Covidien’s robust refastenable tab system is designed to resist pop-offs and make it easy for you to care for your patient as this brief keeps their skin, cool, dry and comfortable.



  1. Soft and quiet
  2. Polymer and fluff combo for odor-free protection
  3. Wetness indicator
  4. Cloth-like backing
  5. Two strong, oversized refastenable hook tabs per side
  6. Contoured mat with breathable side panels
  7. Not impacted by skin care products
  8. No skin irritating adhesives
  9. Choose from 4 different sizes


Which incontinence product is right for my patient?

Caring for an elderly person with incontinence can be challenging, for both you and the patient. Common physical causes include weakened pelvic muscles, or the physical inability to make it to the restroom in time. There are so many things to consider: patient dignity, keeping clothing and furniture dry and sanitary, and keeping the skin dry, ventilated and clean, just to name a few.

Finding the right incontinence product for you and your patient is important. It should be easy to apply and remove, properly fitting, durable and aids in caring for the skin, as well. An adult brief like Covidien Wings is also soft and quiet, designed for complete patient comfort.

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