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AMSure Urethral Self Catheterization Kit with R-Polished Eyes

by Amsino
$ 159.00
SKU AS85014

Having all the supplies needed pre-assembled in one ready-to-use kit helps improve workflow efficiency and saves time. The AMSure Urethral Self Catheterization Kit w/R Polished Eyes comes complete with everything that is needed for the catheterization process… and everything in this kit is sterile and latex-free to help prevent infections and irritations. This all-inclusive kit even includes a pair of cuffed vinyl gloves, antiseptic swabsticks, a waterproof underpad, and it conveniently comes with a waste disposal bag for the safe and proper disposal of the catheter and supplies.


    • Complete kit for self catheterization with 14 french catheter with R Polished Eyes
    • Latex Free and DEHP Free
    • Pre-lubricated
    • Closed system
    • 50/CS

      **Please note: This kit is NOT intended to be reused or re-sterilized. Reusing this kit can cause infections and allergic reactions.

      Each Kit Includes:

        • 1 Pre-lubricated PVC Urethral Catheter, 16” (40cm) Length
        • 1 1100ml PE Collection Bag with Insertion Tip
        • 3 Povidone Iodine Swabsticks
        • 1 Benzalkonium Chloride Prep Pad
        • 2 Cuffed Vinyl Gloves
        • 1 Waterproof Underpad, 13” x 18” (340 x 450 mm)
        • 1 Waste Disposal Bag
        • 1 Gauze Pad, 4” x 4” (100 x 100 mm)


          1. Step 1 – Wash your hands
          2. Step 2 – Open the kit and remove its contents
          3. Step 3 – If desired, use gloves and drape as necessary for protection
          4. Step 4 – Use the provided antiseptic swabs to clean the urethral meatus and surrounding area
          5. Step 5 – Grip the catheter guide indentation between your thumb and forefinger
          6. Step 6 – Remove the protective cap from the introducer tip
          7. Step 7 – Insert the introducer into the urethra
          8. Step 8 – Use your other hand to grasp the catheter through the bag and advance it through the inducer tip and into the urethra
          9. Step 9 – Squeeze the catheter through the catheter guide indentation to keep the catheter from retracting into the bag
          10. Step 10 – Use short repetitive motions to advance the catheter until urine starts to flow
          11. Step 11 – Let the urine flow until the bladder is empty or the bag is full
          12. Step 12 – Remove the catheter and introducer tip from the urethra
          13. Step 13 – Empty the bag by draining the urine through the catheter or tearing the bag open (where the perforation says “to empty tear here”) and then pouring the urine out through the opening
          14. Step 14 – Dispose of bag, catheter, and supplier per facility protocols

          DO NOT REUSE!

          Ensure that you’ll have everything needed for catheterization procedures by using the all-inclusive AMSure Urethral Self Catheterization Kit w/R Polished Eyes. Order today by placing an order using our conveniently easy to use website or calling us at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly and experienced medical supply specialists and place an order by phone.

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