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Urinary Leg Bag with Leg Straps, Medium 600ml

by Amsino
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Amsino Urinary Leg Bag with Leg Straps, Medium 600 ml is ideal for patients with urinary retention due to bladder instability. Our Urinary Leg Bag ensures secure and discreet containment of body fluids eliminating any worries about spills or leakage. It features adjustable leg straps, durable construction and a moderately snug fit for greater comfort and confidence. Urinary Leg Bag is an ideal solution for adults in active lifestyles.

A urinary leg bag with leg straps is a device that is worn on the leg to collect urine. The bag is attached to a tube that is inserted into the bladder. The bag is then attached to the leg straps, which hold the bag in place. When the bladder is full, the person can release the urine by disconnecting the tube from the bag and attaching it to a drainage bag.
Amsino AMSure Urinary Leg Bag is a sterile, latex free urine collecton bag that holds up to 600 ml of urine. This catheter leg bag can easily connect to any foley catheter and has a bottom draining, anti-reflux, twist-turn valve, with two pre-assembled latex-free straps and a sterile fluid pathway.


  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Bottom draining
  • Anti-reflux
  • Twist-Turn valve
  • Two preassembled straps
  • Sterile fluid pathway
  • Holds up to 600ml of fluid
Brand: Amsino International
Product number: AS308N
Size: 600 mL

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