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Oxygen Nasal Cannula with Super Soft 7' Tubing


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Super Soft Nasal Cannula for oxygen therapy is constructed of a soft vinyl to provide comfort not offered from traditional cannula tubing. The crush-resistant 5-channel star supply tubing ensures continuous oxygen delivery for individuals requiring ongoing oxygen therapy. The tubing is a unique product offering comfort and functionality not available from other manufacturers


    • -  Super-soft nasal tubing that reduce chafing
    • -  Seven foot length tubing helps prevent dislodging.
    • -  Interior structure has a special 5-star design that helps prevent crushing/ Oxygen lose

      Manufacturer: Mountainside Medical
      Product Number:  AS75080

      What makes this Nasal Cannula different than other oxygen cannulas?

      The Mountainside Medical oxygen nasal cannula is made with a special soft vinyl material that is unlike any other nasal cannulas. This vinyl material gently sits against the sensitive skin around the face and doesn't irritate the pressure areas like the back of the ears and on the cheeks where the tubing rests. For patients requiring long term oxygen therapy this design reduces the likelihood of skin irritation commonly associated with regular cannula tubing usage.

      To ensure continuous oxygen delivery, nasal cannula has also been constructed using a 5-channel star design making the tubing crush-resistant. Uninterrupted oxygen is delivery is essential for patient comfort and safety.

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