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PVC Intermittent Male Catheter 16" Length

by Amsino
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The Male Intermittent Catheter is a beneficial medical device used to help patients with urinary incontinence. It is a 16" length catheter that is used to intermittently relieve the bladder of urine. The Male Intermittent Catheter is designed to be inserted and flushed with sterile water for a brief period of time, to quickly empty the bladder. After emptying, the catheter is removed when the patient no longer feels the need to urinate. Once the Male Intermittent Catheter is sanitized and stored properly, it can be reinserted multiple times when needed. With comfortable use and proper handling, the Male Intermittent Catheter 16" Length can successfully and often be used for months at a time.
PVC Intermittent Male Catheter is a latex free, 16" long male catheter used to drain urine from the bladder. This catheter tube is made from lightweight, flexible, and durable plastic that will not break easily. Additionally, this catheter is also available in 10, 12, and 14 French sizes.

Benefits of Using PVC Intermittent Male Catheter
  • Smooth and rounded insertion tip for increased comfort and reduced trauma during insertion
  • Flexible 16” length catheter for healthy and improved flexibility for users
  • Variable diameter expandable inflated cuff and increased suction to enhance unit stability
  • Two opposing eyelets for easy inflation of the integral cuff
  • High flowIV adhesive stabilisation patch for secure tube positioning
  • Radio-opaque line marker for easy use with x ray machines or detectors
  • System disconnects in single swing for easy care, cleaning, and re-connection

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