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Suction Catheter, Straight with Thumb Control Whistle Valve

by Amsino
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A Suction Catheter Straight with Whistle Control Valve is inserted through the opening in the side of the catheter. When the whistle control valve is squeezed, the valve opens and suction is applied to the catheter. This closes the opening in the side of the catheter and prevents the backflow of fluid into the pump.
Suction Catheters are sterile, clear tubing used to remove secretions from the airways. Made with a soft, yet firm flexible tubing, these suction catheters feature a control valve on the end for easy suction capacity adjustments that can be made with your thumb. Available in several different sizes.
  • Sterile, semi-flexible, clear vinyl
  • Thumb Control Valve
  • Latex free
Suction Catheters - Sizing converted to Tracheostomy Tube Size
#AS363 - 10 French, for the use with a 6.0 mm (I.D.) Trach Tube.
#AS364 - 12 French, for the use with a 7.0 mm (I.D.) Trach Tube.
#AS365 - 14 French, for the use with a 8.0 mm (I.D.) Trach Tube.
#AS366 - 16 French, for the use with a 9.0 mm to 10.0 mm (I.D.) Trach Tube.

The purpose of suctioning is to prevent a patient's airway of plugging up from secretions. Amsino Suction Catheters have a built-in thumb control valve that allows the patient to control the flow of suction.

Choosing and using suction catheters:
  • Catheter thickness should never be any larger than half the internal diameter I.D.(inside opening) of the tracheotomy tube.
  • Airways are delicate and care should be taken inserting and removing the catheter. Suction should be used only as you pull out the catheter.
  • Suctioning must NEVER be done for more than 5 to 10 seconds at a time as oxygen is also removed.
  • The patient will need your confidence, support, kindness and love.
  • You will receive training for all suction techniques at the hospital.

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