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Unna Flex Elastic Unna Boot Bandage


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Unna Flex Elastic Unna Boot Bandage offers the same benefits as the Unna boot, without the rigidity. Made with zinc oxide, these bandages are flexible, and will stretch to conform to your patient's leg comfortably and securely. Individually packaged, 3" x 10 yds.


Indications for use:

  1. Venous leg ulcer management
  2. Associated conditions



  1. Arterial and mixed venous/arterial leg ulcer management


Unna-Flex Features:

  1. Flexible zinc oxide bandage
  2. Soft and comfortable to wear
  3. Stretches and conforms to the leg
  4. Individually packaged
  5. 3" x 10 yds or 4" x 10 yards


Unna Flex Elastic Unna Boot Bandages offer a softer, more comfortable option to traditional unna boot dressings. Unna Flex bandages are impregnated with zinc oxide to help alleviate leg ulcers, swelling and associated conditions – just like traditional unna boot bandages – but with an added bonus:  they are flexible. Just as the name suggests Unna Flex bandages conform to the leg and stretch with the patient for increased mobility and function.

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