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Outdoor Waterproof Narcan Spray Cabinet Public Access for Opioid Overdose Reversal - Plastic

$ 319.99
SKU EN9543

Outdoor Waterproof Narcan Cabinet used for opioid overdose storage of Narcan (naloxone hydrochloride HCI) Spray doses is perfect for parks, basketballs counts, playgrounds where Narcan might be needed for an emergency overdose reversal. Strong sturdy cabinet that protects the lifesaving drug and protects it from outdoor weather elements. Naloxone does not freeze until -5 degrees Fahrenheit, so in most climates, there will only be a few weeks per year where Naloxone stored outdoors is not viable for use.

Waterproof Narcan Cabinet Features:

  • Cabinet contains a rubber inside gasket for waterproofing against rain or snow
  • The clear door shows clear labeling facing outside and large, easy to read instructions for Narcan administration inside
  • Internal cases are insulated zipper packs are available separately
  • Inside the cabinet there is a Velcro loop back plate for mounting boxes or doses of medication in case you do not want to use individual insulated packs
  • As you can see in the image on this page, we are able to customize this cabinet with your organization's logo, crisis line and replenishment info.
  • Signage is sold separately due to the fact that signage differs for wall-mount and pole-mount installation options.

Part# EN9543
Description: Outdoor Cabinet
Sold In: Each
Max Capacity: 9 full boxes of Narcan
Size: 15" x 11" x 6"

Note: This cabinet comes empty and does not contain Narcan. It is shown with Narcan for display purposes only

Ships directly from manufacturer - Allow approximately 10 days lead time

Please note: Optional signage and pole mounting kits are available (Purchase Seperately) 

Available Mounting Kits & Sign Options:

  • EN9545 Optional Pole Mounting Kit - Small (for Light Poles or Poles Under 12" in Diameter)
  • EN9546 Optional Pole Mounting Kit -Large (for Telephone Poles 18" diameter)
  • Extra Tall High Visibility Signage Pole Wrap Self-Adhesive Pole Wrap Signage, 36" Tall
  • Standard Signage Pole Wrap Self-Adhesive Pole Wrap Signage, 12" Tall
  • Wall Mount Sign 3D Projecting Purple Wall-Mount Purple Sign, 8" Tall



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