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High Strength Pressure Bandage Bloodstopper Trauma Israeli Bandage

by Dynarex
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Military Battle Bloodstopper High Strength Pressure Bandage is a hemostatic agent used to control bleeding from traumatic injuries on the battlefield. The bandage is impregnated with kaolin, a clay mineral, which helps to form a clot and stop the bleeding. The bandage is also coated with a surfactant that helps to keep the kaolin in contact with the wound. The bandage is applied to the wound and then compressed with a bandage or other pressure device to help control the bleeding.

Designed for fast response to severe bleeding and trauma situations, the Emergency High Strength Pressure Bandage (tourniquet) combines a thick non-adherent dressing, elastic bandage, pressure applicator and closure clip in one simple sterile unit. The bandage is also a tourniquet that gives you an effective wound dressing that is quick and easy to apply without the need for tape, safety pins or other bandages.

Benefits for Israeli Trauma High Strength Pressure Bandage

  • Relieves pressure on heavily bleeding wounds
  • Quickly establishes a seal to stop even high velocity bleeding
  • Won't run in the presence of moisture or blood
  • Stops bleeders faster and is easier to apply than conventional gauze
  • Lighter and more compact than regular pressure dressings
  • An effective solution for the reduction of swelling
  • Keeps the effected area firmly compressed for an extended period of time
  • Securely holds the the hemostatic gauzes or dressings in place
  • Water-resistant and breathable which encourages healing by permitting overheated and
  • swollen limbs to ventilate
  • Ability to be re-tightened in patient with no pain
  • Also used as a tourniquet in instances of severed or severely injured limbs

Commonly known as a (Israeli bandage). High-strength pressure specially dressing used by military and emergency responders to quickly stop bleeding in traumatic injuries before arriving to the hospital .Sterile, thick, non-adherent bandage is a high strength elastic fabric. Quick and easy to apply. Individually packaged.

Instructions on How to Use Israeli Trauma High Strength Pressure Bandage
1. Lay the Israeli trauma bandage flat on a clean surface.
2. Peel off the paper covering the adhesive on one end of the bandage.
3. Place the exposed adhesive end of the bandage onto the injured area. Make sure that it is firm and secure.
4. Stretch the long portion of the bandage across the wound, wrapping it around the injured area 3-4 times. Pull tight and secure the adhesive patch firmly. Do not wrap it over too many times, as it can become too tight and cut off circulation.
5. Tie a knot or secure with tape to hold the bandage in place so it won't unravel.
6. Secure any protruding loops with tape, loops can accidentally become undone and cause circulation loss.
7. Check for proper firmness and secureness of the bandage. Make sure the bandage is tight but not restricting circulation.
8. Take care when removing the bandage- gently pull it away from the skin and start to gently peel each layer, taking special care to the skin, to ensure minimal pain.
9. When finished, discard the now used bandage in a safe place.

Severe External Bleeding:

When bleeding is severe, it can be dramatic and distressing.. If bleeding is not controlled, shock may develop and the casualty may lose consciousness.

Bleeding from the mouth or nose may affect breathing. When treating severe bleeding, check first weather there is an object embedded in the wound; take care not to press directly on the object. Do not let the casualty have anything to eat or drink because he may need an anesthetic later.

What to do:

1. Remove or cut clothing as necessary to expose the wound.

2. Apply direct pressure over the wound with your fingers using a sterile dressing or clean, gauze pad. If you do have a dressing, ask the casualty to apply direct pressure himself. If there is an object in the wound, apply pressure on either side of the object (opposite).

3. Maintain direct pressure on the wound to control bleeding Raise and support the injured  limb above the level of the casualty's heart to reduce blood loss.

4. Help the casualty lie down-- on a rug or blanket if there is one, because this will protect him from the cold. Since shock may develop raise and support his legs so that they are above the level of his heart. Ask a helper to call 911 for emergency help, and to give the dispatcher details of the site and extent of the bleeding.

5. Secure the dressing or tourniquet with a bandage that is firm enough to maintain pressure, but not so tight that it impairs circulation. Call 911 for emergency help if this has not been done already.

6. If bleeding shows through the dressing, apply a second one on top of the first. If blood seeps through the second dressing, remove both and apply a fresh one, ensuring that  pressure is applied accurately at the point of bleeding.

7. Support the injured part in a raised position with a sling and/or bandage. Check the circulation beyond the bandage every ten minutes. If the circulation is impaired, loosen the bandage and reapply. 

8. Monitor and record vital sign--level of response, breathing, and pulse--while waiting for help to arrive.

Ideal Outcome: Control bleeding and try to prevent shock and lose of consciousness. Trauma can be dramatic and distressing if the bleeding is not controlled.

Alternative names: Tourniquet, Israeli bandage, Bloodstopper, Pressure bandage

Medical Audience: Trauma situations, Extreme bleeding, Military situations, Combat situations

Related Conditions: Puncture wounds, Cuts and Scrapes, Amputation

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steven b. (North Augusta, South Carolina, United States)
Excellent products, fast delivery good prices

Very satisfied w my purchases. Will continue to purchase from Mountainside and refer others as well

Jason M. (Kenner, Louisiana, United States)
Great Product!

Hope I never have to use it but I would rather have one then not! Quality seems to be good. Great business to purchase from for quality and reliable products. Very Professional!

Mike R. (Renton, Washington, United States)
Order as expected

Products arrived and is what I ordered.

Marion H.

High Strength Pressure Bandage Military Battle Bloodstopper

mark w. (Novi, United States)

High Strength Pressure Bandage Military Battle Bloodstopper

Susan S.
Great Product

Works great for stopping bleeding

Randy H. (Lubbock, Texas, United States)
For Advanced First Aid Kit

The bandage was vacuum sealed and, of course, unused. But, the price was great and I am happy to have it!

Tory M. (Unionville, United States)
Pretty much an Israeli without the bomb proof packaging

A great deal on the exact same design and function as the Israely pressure bandage or "Izzy." No complaints...EXCEPT that the packaging is a bit weak and if you are stocking an aid bag with these, layer them inside so as they are not easily punctured or worn through...otherwise GREAT PRODUCT