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MADett Endotracheal Tube Mucosal Atomization Device 10/Case

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LMA MADett Endotracheal Tube Mucosal Atomization Device enables clinicians to spray directly into the lungs of intubated patients. Administering exact doses of atomized pulmonary medications beyond the ETT tip, the MADett Device provides a highly efficient and cost-effective method of delivery that enables a greater percentage of absorption than could be achieved by using nebulized or endotracheally injected delivery methods.


    • Spray directly into a patient’s lungs
    • For use with intubated patients
    • Doesn’t interrupt ventilation
    • Single patient use only
    • Sterile and latex-free
    • For use with 3, 5, or 10 mL syringes
    • 30-100 micron particle size
    • 0.50 mL system dead space
    • Tip diameter of 0.19” (4.82 mm)
    • Overall length of 20” (50.8 cm)
    • Packaged with 40 MADett devices per case
    • Sold by: the case

      **This devices in not intended to be used with endotracheal tubes that are smaller than a 7.0 mm i.d. or shorter than 28 cm.


      1. Enables clinicians to quickly and easily administer medications without interrupting the ventilation of intubated patients
      2. Improves medication delivery and helps eliminate medication waste by ensuring that the medication gets where it needs to go – in the patient’s lungs
      3. A great alternative to nebulized or endotracheally injected medication delivery methods
      4. Clinicians have precise control over how much medications their patient’s receive
      5. These are disposable, single-use devices that should be used once and then discarded
      6. No need for potentially costly and time consuming re-sterilization processes
      7. Closed-system design prevents splash back
      8. Touhy Burst valve secures the tubing in place while the elbow connector has a ventilation bag port that enables medications to be administered while the patient still receives ventilation
      9. Convenient female luer is designed to fit any standard 3, 5, or 10 mL syringe 

      Ideal Uses:

      1. For the targeted delivery of medication directly into an intubated patients lungs
      2. To administer medications without interfering with intubation or interrupting the patient’s ventilation
      3. Anytime that IV delivery is difficult or impractical
      4. To help reduce medication waste


      Manufacturer: Teleflex / LMA

      Product number: MAD710

      Improve the effectiveness of pulmonary medications and treatments by using the MADett Device to deliver controlled amounts of atomized medications directly into the patient’s lungs for a more efficient absorption of the medication without ever needing to stop the patient’s ventilation.

      Take advantage of fantastic low pricing and order today to ensure that the MADett Device is available to your clinicians when they need a safe and effective method of administering controlled amounts of medications into the lungs of intubated patients without interrupting the patient’s ventilation. Orders can be placed online using our easy-to-use website or by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our knowledgeable Medical Supply Associates. 

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