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Alcohol Swabsticks Skin Antiseptic Swabs, 3 per pack, 25 per box (75 count)

by Dynarex
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Alcohol swabsticks are small sticks or applicators with a cotton tip at one end. They are used to apply alcohol to a specific area, usually for cleaning before an injection or other medical procedure. The cotton tip is saturated with isopropyl alcohol, which helps to disinfect and sterilize the skin. Alcohol swabsticks are commonly used in healthcare settings and are also available for purchase at pharmacies for personal use. 

Dynarex Alcohol Swabsticks are convenient antiseptic swabs designed to effectively cleanse and disinfect the skin prior to procedures. These Swabsticks are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol to help reduce bacteria.

Alcohol Swabsticks Skin Antiseptic Swabs are usually small cotton swabs or pads that are saturated with a solution containing isopropyl alcohol as the active ingredient. These swabs are commonly used to clean and disinfect the skin before medical procedures such as injections, blood draws, or IV placement, to help prevent bacteria from entering the body and causing infection. They are also sometimes used to clean the area around cuts, scrapes, and open wounds, to help prevent infection and promote healing. In some cases, alcohol swabsticks may also contain additional antiseptic ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride or chlorhexidine gluconate. 

Dynarex Alcohol Swabsticks are a pre-moisted antiseptic topical swab stick used to kill bacteria on the skin before an injection or procedure. Using alcohol swabsticks prior to injections helps greatly reduces the chances of infection. Every Alcohol Swabstick is saturated with 70% alcohol with a convenient and clean application every time. 

  • Sterile Packaged 3 per pack, 25 per box (75 count)
  • Contains 70% Isopropyl alcohol
  • Meets the highest bacteriological standards
  • Optimal absorbency for scrubbing and cleansing
  • Meets FDA Regulation

Brand: Dynarex

Product Number: 1204

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