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Adson Tissue Forceps, Stainless Steel 4 3/4", 1 x 2 teeth

$ 19.00
SKU N407125
Adson tissue forceps, stainless steel have a defensive grip and help prevent tissue slide through clasp teeth. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor activities. They are most commonly used for small and delicate tissue cutting. The flat biting surface, small teeth and ratcheted finger rings can ensure greater displacement than other regular forceps. These Adson tissue forceps, stainless steel even have rusty teeth and satin finished locking mechanism which create an anti-magnetic environment. Adson tissue forceps, stainless steel have an outstanding general purpose design, which allows them to be used for different range of applications. Besides, their sharps edges and tiny inter vertebral spaces can plane smoothly onto material for comfortable usage. With the revolutionary handle grip fully geared with resiliency, Adson tissue forceps ensure secure tissue grasp and unparalleled comfortable movements. All in all, the premium design and versatile ranges found in Adson tissue forceps, stainless steel can truly elevate any operation.

Adson Tissue Forceps are expertly crafted to German standards from surgical grade stainless steel and are used for grasping fine tissue. These durable forceps have 1 x 2 teeth with a 4 3/4" length. Pro Advantage surgical instruments meet the very highest standards and specifications with exceptional value. Lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship assures years of serviceability from each instrument

Adson Tissue Forceps Features:  
  • High quality expertly crafted to German standards
  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • 1 x 2 Interlocking teeth for better tissue grip
  • 4 3/4" length

Brand: Pro Advantage
Product Number: N407125

Customer Reviews

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Glenn F. (Bossier City, US)
Medical physician ( MD)

I am very happy with your service. The personal touch that Mountainside medical has given to me is tremendous. I have never met such diligent service workers in any other medical supply company. They have reached out above and beyond in order to provide me with the necessary medical equipment that is crucial for my medical practice. Thanks again, from one happy customer.