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Simply Saline Plus 3-in-1 Wound Wash Antiseptic Cleanser, 7.1 oz

$ 9.35
SKU 022600-085577

Create a healthier wound healing environment by using the Simply Saline Plus 3-in-1 Wound Wash, which provides a safe, gentle, and effective method for cleansing wounds without causing any burning or stinging. This first-aid antiseptic spray features a preservative-free and drug-free pressurized saline solution with soothing aloe vera that almost effortlessly cleanses the wound bed by removing dirt, debris, and foreign objects. Ideal for cuts, scrapes, and burns, this antibacterial formula helps reduce bacterial contamination risks and prevent infections while speeding up the healing process.


    • First-aid antiseptic spray
    • No Burning and Stinging
    • Revolutionary Bag-in-can upside down spraying technology
    • Promotes a healthy wound healing environment
    • Sting-free antibacterial formula
    • Contains aloe vera
    • Preservative-free and Drug-free
    • Packaged in a 7.1 oz spray can



    1. * Uses a pressurized spray for a quicker and easier process of removing any dirt, debris, and foreign objects from the wound with less pain
    2. * Cleanses the wound without causing and burning or stinging
    3. * Creates a healthy wound healing environment
    4. * Helps prevent infections
    5. * Speeds up the healing process
    6. * Safe, gentle, and effective
    7. * Features a revolutionary dispenser can that sprays upside down and has 360° dispensing for ease of use
    8. * Packaged in a recyclable can that doesn’t contain any CFCs, which deplete the ozone layer
    9. * Made in the USA


    Ideal Uses:

    1. * For cleaning wounds
    2. * To remove dirt, debris, and foreign objects from wound beds
    3. * Works great on cuts, scrapes, and burns
    4. * For preventing the risk of bacterial contaminations
    5. * To help prevent infections from forming



    1. * This product is for external use and should only be used as directed
    2. * This product should not be used in the eyes, should not be applied to a large surface area, and shouldn’t be used for more than 1 week, unless directed to do so by your healthcare provider
    3. * In cases of deep wounds, severe punctures, animal bites or serious burns, it is highly recommended that you consult your healthcare provider before using this productIf condition persists or worsens, stop using this product and consult your healthcare provider
      1. * Cleanse the affected area to be treated
      2. * Hold can with the spray nozzle pointed towards the wound to be treated
      3. * The can may be held in an upright position or help upside down, which is easiest and feels more comfortable to you
      4. * Using a finger to press down on the white nozzle, spray a small amount of solution onto the wound
      5. * Allow to dry
      6. * If desired, cover the wound with a sterile bandage to help ensure that the wound remains clean (allow to dry before applying the bandage)
      7. * Apply solution 1-3 times a day as needed or directed by your healthcare provider



    1. Intended for single patient use only
    2. Contents under pressure; do not puncture or incinerate (burn)
    3. Keep this product, as well as all other medications, out of reach of children
    4. Store in a location with regulated temperature between 59°-86°F (15°-30°C)


    Product # - BX08557

    Active Ingredient - Benzethonium Chloride 0.13%

    Inactive Ingredients - Aloe barbadensis leaf extract (aloe vera), benzalkonium chloride, maltodextrin, purified water, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride


    Manufacturer: Church & Dwight


    Using the Simply Saline Plus 3-in-1WoundWash is a quick, easy, and effective solution for your wound care needs. Order yours today by placing an order using our conveniently easy to use website or calling us at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly and experienced Medical Supply Specialists and place an order by phone.

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