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Dry Burn Dressing 18 x 36, White, Sterile, Medical Action

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SKU AC1291859-IM

The Medical Action Dry Burn Dressings are designed to be used for absorption, padding, and the debridement of burn wounds. These un-medicated dressings are made with sterile, high-quality, 8-ply wide mesh gauze. They have unsewn edges and were made using precision cuts to help reduce linting and loose threads. These dressings are great for helping absorb excess drainage, creating a healthier wound healing environment, and protecting wounds from being exposed to external microbes that could cause the wound to become infected. 

**Note: These dressings do not contain adhesives and should be used with secondary dressings or tape to hold them in place.



  • 8-Ply dry burn dressing
  • Unsewn
  • Sterile
  • Wide mesh
  • Dressing color: white
  • Dimensions: 18 in x 36 in
  • Each dressing is individually packaged
  • Sold by: each



  • Promotes a healthier wound healing environment and helps expedite the wound healing process
  • Made using wide mesh, which is highly absorbent, makes great padding, and can be used for debridement
  • Each dressing comes individually packaged and sealed to help ensure that it stays clean and sterile until its needed to be used
  • These un-medicated dressings can be dipped in medicated solutions or coated with creams/ointments before being applied to wound sites
  • Made with high quality gauze and unsewn edges
  • Manufactured using precision cuts to help prevent the dressings from having a lot of loose threads and lint that could get stuck in wounds as they heal
  • Large dressing size of 18 inches by 36 inches provides a larger area of coverage and is great for using on larger areas like the thighs and shoulders


Manufacturer: Medical Action

Product Number: AC1291859-IM


In most cases, protected wounds heal faster and more efficiently. Promote a healthier wound healing environment by using the Medical Action 18” x 36” Dry Burn Dressings. Place an order today by shopping our website or calling us at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly and experienced Medical Supply Associates.

Customer Reviews

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Elena R.
New customer feedback

Extremely pleased with my entire order. Would most definitely order again, thank you so much!

Susan M. (Saint George, US)

It took so long to receive the order I had found what I needed elsewhere and it really came too late for what I needed. However, the products were good quality and I will keep them for another time-although hopefully there won't be another time, but still.