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4 Tips for Avoiding the Common Cold

Fall is such a great season and many look forward to the winter holidays. However, with fall and winter comes the common cold. Colds have a way of putting a damper on everyday life and special celebrations. They can truly slow the body down and symptoms can be miserable to deal with.


Here are 4 great tips to help avoid catching a cold


Sharing – We were all taught how sharing is important and it is a polite, and caring attribute of any person. However, during cold season all sharing should cease. That includes sharing of germs. There are many things we share with our family and peers including Chapstick, Kleenex, or borrowing something from a cold-ridden friend. This is how germs are spread, even when we are conscious of avoiding them. If you must share with others, wash your hands regularly and utilize hand sanitizer.


Hand Washing – Possibly the most important proactive step one can take against avoiding the common cold. Practice good hand washing techniques. Always make sure you use an antibacterial soap and get those hard to reach places where germs can hide like the back of your hands, underneath the nails, and between the fingers. If hand washing is not an easy-to-so activity for you, invest in an antibacterial hand sanitizer, and bring it wherever you go. It may seem germaphobic, but seriously, who wants to be sick.


Support that Immune System – Eat a diet that is healthy for your body and supports a healthy immune system. This can involve taking dietary supplements including Vitamin C. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to increase antioxidants within the body. With a strong immune system colds are easily avoided and fought off if contracted.  


Beauty Sleep – During the tough germ-fighting months the body needs extra sleep. Winter is a time for hibernation and even though we are capable of working through the winter, our bodies process and act slower. The body requires more sleep during the winter months and with all the germs infiltrating our systems, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Make sure to get adequate sleep every night, 7 to 8 hours is recommended. If you get sick, take advantage of sleep. It will rejuvenate your body to fight for another day and can actually make a cold sufferer feel better. There are products available, Nyquil for example, that can temporarily relieve symptoms while aiding in falling asleep.