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ACL Knee Brace Overview

Anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL injuries are extremely painful and can hinder the ability to bear weight, and carry-on daily activities. The knee may also swell, even feeling unstable. A pop-like noise is common when people tear the ligament. ACL knee braces are designed to substitute for damaged ligaments, supporting proper movement, and relieving the stress of weight and pressure.


The best way to treat an ACL injury is to avoid damaging it. However, many people enjoy active lifestyles that involve physically demanding sports. Sports training programs, as well as home physical activity are a great way to condition the body, helping to avoid injury. ACL injuries most commonly occur in athletes who participate in sports that require fast stops and pivoting. Some of these activities include soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball and tennis. However, even non-athletes can damage the ACL too. Simple twists or overextension of the knee can easily rip the ACL.


Women are most often the sufferers of ACL injuries. A naturally occurring strength imbalance that leaves the thigh muscles off-balance is considered the cause. With the femur (thigh bone) muscles off-balance, the tibia (shin bone) is pushed far forward during activity, like landing a jump. The pull on the ACL from the outward pushing tibia easily leads to a tear.


Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that connect one bone to another. The ACL is a ligament that vertically crosses the knee and connects the femur to the tibia. This provides a hinge-like movement and protection of the knee.


Treating an ACL injury can be as simple as wearing an ACL Knee Brace with some physical therapy. For serious athletes however, surgery is the most effective way to regain the original stability of the ACL. ACL knee braces come in a variety of makes and models. In fact, some are designed specifically for treatment in women, whom as mentioned before, suffer the most ACL injuries.


Prophylactic ACL knee braces are designed to offer support to the ACL in a non-acute situation. They are excellent devices for prevention or general support after an injury. Functional ACL knee braces are designed to provide support to the knee during the acute injury. They are usually designed with a 4-point hinge system that allows for adjustable leverage. They are also adequate for displacing weight and relieving stress on the tibia, which bears a brunt of body mass. Functional braces can be worn during times of physical activity if necessary.


ACL knee braces come in a variety of sizes, designs, and finishes. Some are specifically designed for the treatment of men or women. Always make sure to check with your physician if you suspect an ACL injury. They can help chose the proper method of care and ACL knee brace you may need for recovery.


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