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Bath Bench Overview

A bath bench is a convenient piece of durable medical equipment that provides exceptional safety in the bathtub. These benches fit into most standard sized bathtubs or showers and are also available in bariatric sizes for larger individuals.


Bath benches provide a sturdy seating surface for patients who are weak or elderly. A bath bench can cut fall risk considerably for users, eliminating dangerous injuries. Additionally, staying seated in the shower promotes independent care as there is less fear of falling in the bathtub and remaining there for a long time period.


Most bath benches are designed with a sturdy aluminum frame and generally fold up for easy storage. Some are designed to accommodate full-transfer patients. This style is built with an elongated seat panel, allowing the user to slide in and out of the tub instead of stepping over the lip. Additionally, bath benches feature aesthetic differences including seat style and accessories like a storage holder for shampoos, soaps, and loofahs.


Aesthetic differences and weight capacity for bath benches will differ by make and model. Bath benches are manufactured by leading companies in the bath safety world including Moen, Invacare, and Carex.


There are a wide variety of styles available on the market. Mountainside Medical carries a number of bath benches available at great price. Visit our website and place your order today. Orders can also conveniently be placed by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our knowledgeable Medical Supply Specialists.