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Bed Alarm 101

What is a Bed Alarm?

A bed alarm is an audible safety device used to aid in fall prevention management and to assist in monitoring residents movements. A typical bed alarm is actually a system which includes a bed sensor pad and a pocket size piece of equipment that activates a signal when motion is detected.


Bed Alarms for Fall Prevention

It is estimated that more than half of the patients in long-term care facilities will encounter one or more falls per year. With these types of accidents being the highest cause of injury, fall prevention is imperative. The bed sensor pad initiates when a person attempts to exit their bed, which can reduce hazards before they happen. Oftentimes, falls occur and are not attended to for hours.  Bed alarms for seniors are a precautionary tool and address problems immediately.


Bed Alarms for Home Use

Safety is a primary concern for caregivers in a private setting, as well. Protecting loved ones can be a difficult challenge, especially for independent seniors.  Bed alarms provide a means to allow autonomy, yet alert of an emergency when necessary. The same bed alarms that are used in nursing facilities can also be utilized for home use.


Bed Alarms for Alzheimer’s Patients

Caring for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s is a full-time responsibility. These patients get confused and disoriented easily and are prone to wandering. Monitoring their movements is essential to security measures. Bed alarms are useful in warning staff and caregivers of a potential danger, but also remind residents to return to bed. Voice recorded alarms allow you to tape a song or familiar voice that can soothe, instead of startling, those suffering from Alzheimer’s.


How Does a Bed Alarm System Work?

Bed Alarm System’s usually consist of two main components; alarm box and senor pad. The alarm box can be powered by batteries or a DC power supply cord. The alarm box connects to the sensor pad with a long extension cord (usually 6 feet). The sensor pad is weight sensitive and when the person takes pressure off the pad, the audible alarm box sounds.


Choosing the Right Fall Prevention Product?

While a reliable alarm is expectable, some alarms are much more advanced to provide unique features. Browse Mountainside Medical’s selection of Bed Alarms and Wheelchair Alarms for your specific needs. Alarm systems are a valuable fall preventative method, but should not substitute quality care. Patients that are a high fall risk should also be protected with the use of other safety products, such as hip protectors, positioning bolsters, or restraints, if necessary.