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Chemotherapy and Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, or Xerostomia, is a side effect of chemotherapy treatment and is a result of a variety of factors including medications, radiation therapy, and various interrelated conditions. The effect of dry mouth can be painful, uncomfortable, and can result in challenges with speaking, eating, and even lead to decay and infection. Understanding dry mouth, its causes, and treatments can make the already difficult process of undergoing chemotherapy more comfortable for the patient.



Xerostomia is common among chemotherapy patients as it is a common result of treatments and medications. Many of the prescribed medications (like those for pain and depression) are diuretics and draw on the body's fluids. Additionally, radiation therapy can affect the functioning of salivary glands and even if treatments end, they hardly ever return to normal functioning.


Most people can identify with the feeling of dry mouth, but many of us could never truly understand the discomfort and risk inherent in persistent Xerostomia. Over time, dry mouth can inhibit eating, drinking, and overall comfort and nutrition. Just as concerning, a lack of natural saliva can lead to dry, cracked lips, mouth, tongue, and oral lesions as well as tooth decay and bad breath.


Companies like GC America understand the challenge that is faced by nearly every chemotherapy patient and has designed a sugar-free, alcohol-free Dry Mouth Gel that can help balance oral pH for up to 3 hours per use and ensure normal-feeling oral lubrication. Chemotherapy patients deserve the relief and comfort offered by GC Dry Mouth Gel. The gift of moisture can allow the individual to eat, drink, and smile at a time when those simple pleasures mean so much.