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Diabetic Foot Care

Often neglected in light of a diabetes diagnosis is diabetic foot care. The feet are particularly susceptible to the immune system decline caused by diabetes, and poor care can lead to much more serious complications. Ensure general health and well being by monitoring and caring for the legs and feet.


Diabetes lowers the ability of the body to function normally and protect against infection resulting in degradation of skin, blood vessels, and organs. Diabetic foot care is of the utmost importance as breakdown, infection, and sores can lead to more pervasive health issues and even amputation. Persons afflicted with diabetes are urged to monitor foot health as diligently as blood sugar to address any complications that may arise.


Diabetic foot care begins with awareness of overall health and blood sugar levels, as well as skin and nail condition. Prevention is by far the best method of proper care and is as simple as regular blood sugar monitoring. More acute inspection such as assessing the condition of skin and nails can help lead to early diagnosis and treatment of any degradation that may arise. Untreated wounds can lead to sores, ulcers, and infection that if not addressed may require amputation or could prove fatal. Make sure to moisturize skin and dress any open wounds properly to prevent worsening.


Diabetic foot care is a primary consideration and should entail blood glucose monitoring, moisturizing skin, dressing wounds, and maintaining proper foot support. Inspect feet and shoes daily to reduce the likelihood of infection. For more information, blood glucose monitors, skin moisturizers, or assistance shop online today or contact a friendly customer service representative at 1-888-687-4334.