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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Exos Braces

Fractures are a painful experience for anyone and casting can be irritating for the skin. For children, the experience of casting a fracture can be anxiety-ridden and the removal can be even more so. The Exos line of braces by dj orthopedic has developed a unique and effective way of bracing fractures that eliminates all of the mess and the discomfort associated with casting.


Exos braces are made for injuries affecting the wrist, thumb, arm, and humerus. Some braces include variations that can be utilized depending on the severity of the injury and the individuall patient’s need as the injury heals. Many of the Exos braces come in fun color patterns, including polka dot, camo, and spider web print. The days of plain casts are gone and with the colorful designs, children will be more likely to comply with their doctor's orders and may even be more enthusiastic about it!


Exos braces have been specially designed with 3 layers of high-tech polymers that are secured to specialized foam. These braces offer a lightweight, comfortable alternative to traditional casting and feature benefits designed to satisfy both clinicians and patients alike.

Exos braces are formed by a dry heat process and are completely customizable to each individual user. Even with their softer materials, Exos braces offer excellent stabilization and comfort. Some of the braces feature the Exos B.O.A. adjustment system, which allows for variated compression and stabilization, based on what the physician feels the patient’s fracture requires.


Exos braces are washable and can easily be re-conformed to suit the patient’s need as their injury heals. Each brace is latex free and also antimicrobial treated for enhanced safety. Plus, these braces are radiolucent, which is excellent for the patient and provider as their brace can stay on while x-ray procedures are performed.


The newly developed technology in each Exos brace also offers each patient the convenience of being waterproof. The brace can be worn in the shower or while swimming and you without the protection of a plastic bag or cast protector. The specialized material will help keep your skin dry and free of dermatological issues during use.


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