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Food Allergies and Dining Out

When you are dining out with food allergies it can be quite a challenge, that’s why it’s important to plan ahead. Some restaurants will be accommodating and some may not be, but either way, it is extremely important for you to explain your allergy before eating the food that is made for you you by others. Anyone is capable of making a mistake or misunderstanding you, so be sure to take every precaution you can to protect yourself from eating foods that could cause an allergic reaction.

Let the wait staff, even the chef if possible, know about your food allergy. It’s a good idea to keep a card in your pocket or purse with a list of all the ingredients that you and/or your children are allergic to... and share it with the restaurant staff when you order your food. It might be embarrassing, but just think, you could be saving your life by taking the initiative! It is just as important for them to know the risks of your allergy as it is for you to know. If you are having doubts or feel like they don’t understand the severity of your allergy it might be better to take your service somewhere else.


A few tips to consider before going out to eat:

-- If possible, check the menu online before you go to a restaurant

-- Be sure that the wait staff is clear about all the ingredients you are allergic to

-- Verify the ingredients and preparation methods with the restaurant manager and even the chef if necessary

-- Always have disinfectant wipes handy so you can wipe down utensils before using them


The most important thing to know when you suffer from severe allergic reactions is to do everything you can to avoid the things that you are allergic to. Don't feel embarrassed about speaking up when it comes to your allergies, it could save your life! Many people have food allergies, so this is nothing to be ashamed of! Always be prepared and keep an Auvi-Q epinephrine injector with you just in case you need it.