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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Hemorrhoidal Ointment

Hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable condition generally caused by an increase in pressure on the veins in the anus; a common cause is straining during bowel movements. Straining can be caused by constipation, hurrying to evacuate the bowels, or even during childbirth. There are two types of hemorrhoids; internal hemorrhoids appear in the internal areas of the anal canal, while external hemorrhoids appear at the base of the anus.


Hemorrhoids are uncomfortable and can make it difficult to sit stationary, or find a comfortable position to lay. Additionally, external hemorrhoids can be irritated while walking. Both types of hemorrhoids can produce bleeding, especially when they are constantly irritated.


Hemorrhoidal ointment is formulated to help shrink these swollen vein pockets, allowing them to heal and recede back into their normal positioning. Ointment also helps to lubricate the anal canal, which helps lessen irritation; making sitting and moving more comfortable to perform. The lubrication of the anal canal also helps ease out bowel movements that could otherwise cause extreme pain and further irritation.


Hemorrhoidal ointment is very easy to apply. Many types, including Preparation H Hemorrhoidal Ointment, are made with a long, thin applicator tip that is easily inserted into the anus. Holes on the top of the tip allow the ointment to be applied during insertion or removal. Many hemorroidal ointments are packaged in a squeezable tube for adequate medication application. There are also several different formulas available including some with pain relief properties.


Hemorrhoids are a medical condition that isn’t uncommon and can reach members of any age group; children, adults, the elderly. While uncomfortable and painful, hemorrhoids are not usually cause for concern, but if a patient feels they are losing a lot of blood then a visit to the doctor is probably in order. Otherwise, there are many things to do at home including using a soft cushion ring pillow like the Carex Infaltable Rubber Cushion, the use of Witch Hazel and Tucks pads can offer relief, and of course regular use of hemorrhoidal ointment to protect and treat.


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