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High Flow Nasal Cannula

The use of a high flow nasal cannula provides an alternative to patients requiring significant oxygen delivery who are normally fitted with a mask. This style of cannula is designed to deliver oxygen at a higher rate, but allow greater patient comfort and ease of care. Often, a high flow nasal cannula is used in conjunction with additional components to moisturize and warm the oxygen, thereby minimizing discomfort and health risks.


The High flow nasal cannula provides an alternative to commonly used mask-based systems that are cumbersome, uncomfortable, and make care difficult. Reinforced tubing channels oxygen and ensures continuous delivery while conforming to the contours of the head and face comfortably.


Studies have found that individuals using a high flow nasal cannula may require adaptation of the oxygen to prevent drying and to enhance comfort. In conjunction with the cannula tubing, humidifiers and warmers may be placed in-line from the oxygen source to modify its properties making the treatment more comfortable and reducing risk.


A High flow nasal cannula is not necessary for all oxygen therapy patients but does provide a more comfortable and convenient option for those requiring greater saturation. Designed to be as effective as mask based systems, high flow nasal cannula benefits both the individual and the care workers alike.


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