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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Hospital and Healthcare Facility Equipment and Resources

Find information about gloves, dressings, medical equipment and other medical supplies on our Hospital and Healthcare Facility Equipment and Resources page. Not only will you find valuable medical information and resources on our products, but you will also be able to search our products easier and more effectively throughout each Health Resources article by using our helpful links. Increase your knowledge on the medical supplies you need and those you currently use today!


Medical Supplies and Equipment General

Medical Supply - Mountainside Medical Equipment is proud to stand by every promise we make while delivering exceptional service that exceeds that of other medical supply companies. 

Discount Medical Supplies - Because Mountainside Medical Equipment offers wholesale pricing, we can sell discount medical supplies from 40% to 60% below retail.

Types of Hospital Equipment - Learn more about different Types of Hospital Equipment online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Medical Grade PVC Furniture - Learn more about Medical Grade PVC Furniture online from us here at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Bed Alarms 101 - Bed alarms provide a means to allow for resident autonomy, yet alert of an emergency when necessary. 

Bariatric Medical Equipment - Since obesity is more prevalent than it once was, there’s a wider variety of bariatric medical equipment now available.

Toilet Grab Bars - Buy affordable Toilet Grab Bars online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Autoclave Equipment - An autoclave applies high pressure steam for a set period of time depending on the loaded material to neutralize any infectious agents.

Residential Reclining Chairs - An excellent choice for any age or health related concerns for persons still seeking to maintain independent activity

Drop Arm Commodes - Available in the traditional size and bariatric sizes, drop arm commodes are designed to assist any patient in their toileting needs.

Nasogastric Tube - A nastrogastric tube is a nasal feeding tube that is inserted through the patient’s nose down through the nasopharynx and esophagus into the stomach.



The Littman Stethoscope - Keep reading to learn more about the evolution of the stethoscope and the importance of the Littman Stethoscope.

Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope - Learn How to Use the Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Get the Stethoscope that Works for You - Do You Need a Stethoscope? It doesn't matter if you're a doctor, nurse, therapist, or intern, you may need to check a person's chest, lungs, or heart. 

Summit Vascular Dopplers - Learn more about Summit Vascular Dopplers online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.


Isolation and Protective Wear

Latex Gloves Offer Protection - Learn more about how our latex gloves offer protection for healthcare workers and patients online from us here at Mountainside Medical Equipment. 

Nitrile Gloves Information - Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic latex and are good for protecting the hands from various chemicals.

Surgical Mask Types - Learn more about surgical mask types online at Mountainside Medical Equipment Health Resources.

About Face Masks - Face masks offer great protection against large contaminated airborne particles, and against the viruses and bacteria they carry.

Face Mask Vs. N95 Respirator Mask? - N95 Respirator Masks are very similar to face masks in shape, but are more capable of protecting against small contaminated airborne particulates

What is an N95 Respirator Mask? - Learn more about the N95 Respirator Mask and what makes it unique online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Face Mask Varieties - Face masks for infection control block airborne particles, splashes and sprays, and keep contagions the wearer may have from spreading to other people.

Flu Prevention For Businesses - The workplace, like schools, are breeding grounds for germs easily spread because of the frequent close contact employees have with each other.

Adult Bib Overview - An adult bib is simply a piece of material, plastic or fabric that provides protection from food falling on clothing.

Spill Response Kit Overview - A spill response kit can make home life and work life safer, with less chance of contracting germs or reacting to hazardous chemicals, and waste. 

Latex Gloves - Made to protect healthcare providers from bacteria, blood-borne viruses and other infections when treating patients


Medical Procedures

Mononucleosis Testing - EBV infection mononucleosis testing detects the increased occurrence of lymphocytes in the blood. Mononucleosis or Mono is commonly referred to as the kissing disease.

Yankauer Suction Tips - Learn more about Yankauer Suction Tips online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Spill Kit Instructions - Find Spill Kit Instructions for spill clean-up of hazardous fluids such as saliva, blood and urine online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Stool Testing - Learn more about Stool Testing online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Bladder Irrigation - Bladder irrigation is used to flush debris out, keep the bladder clean, eliminating infection and blockages allowing it to function efficiently. 

What is a Lubricath Catheter? - Learn more about Bard Medical Lubricath Catheters online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

General Purpose Body Fluid Spill Kits - Enhance safety in homes, facilities, and transportation systems utilizing a variety of general purpose body fluid spill kits. 

Ear Irrigation Kits - Learn more about Ear Irrigation Kits from top manufacturers such as Bionix and Welch Allyn from Mountainside Medical Equipment. 

What is a Foley Catheter? - Learn more about foley catheters online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Urinary Drainage Bags - Learn more about the varieties of urinary drainage bags online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Causes of Blood in the Stool - FOBT's can identify causes of blood in the stool and lead to earlier diagnosis for effective treatment.

Urine Dipstick Test - Learn more about the Urine Dipstick Test online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Enteral Feeding and Associated Terms - Through the practice of enteral feeding, patients who are unable to get nutrition from oral intake, are supported by food being directed into their bodies.

Enteral Feeding Candidates - Since enteral feeding can be either temporary or permanent, patients treated through the process generally have a broad spectrum of conditions.

Dysphagia and Enteral Feeding - While the disorder is commonly seen in elderly patients, there are a variety of medical conditions that can cause dysphagia and affect patients of any age.

Methods of Enteral Feeding - Learn how Enteral feeding works, how it can be utilized for temporary need or long-term need and the two different methods of enteral feeding.

PEG Tube Overview - Learn more about PEG or Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy tubes online from us here at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Suturing Kit - Having this suturing tray handy is not only cost-effective and time saving, but it will also create more quality care for your patient.

Suture Removal Kit - Suture removal kits are convenient packs that are pre-assembled with necessary tools commonly used for the procedure.

Oropharyngeal DysphagiaSwallowing disorder that is usually a resulting consequence from abnormalities located in muscles, nerves, or the structures of the oral cavity, pharynx, and upper esophageal sphincter.



Disinfecting Products - Increasing the safety of patients and healthcare providers using disinfecting products to clean harmful bacteria in homes and care facilities.

Benefits of Metricide OPA Plus - MetriCide OPA Plus is effective against a variety of microorganisms including Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, HIV-1 and Polio, among many others.

What is Chlorhexidine Gluconate? - This active ingredient in Hibiclens is effective at fighting off even the most virulent germs.

The Benefits of Hibiclens and Hibistat - Available in a variety of sizes and applications, this convenient antimicrobial sanitizing agent is effective against some of health care's most feared conditions. 

No-Rinse Body Wash - No-Rinse cleansers reduce care time as they allow caregivers to efficiently clean patients, allowing them to handle other patient needs.

Autoclave Tape - Autoclave tape makes it easier to ensure clean tools are used on each patient and help keep instruments well packed during the autoclave process.

Wash Basins - While wash basins are mainly used for bathing purposes, they can be used for household cleaning, storage tubs, and are usually large enough to make a nice, relaxing foot soak.


Wound Care

Proper Wound Care and Treatment - Learn more about proper wound care, treatment as well as the necessary wound care supplies online at Mountainside Medical Equipment. 

Occlusive Dressing - May be used alone on minor wounds or in conjunction with other products for deeper penetrating or moderately exudating wounds

Pressure Sore Dressings - Learn more about Pressure Sore Dressings online at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Opsite Transparent Film Dressings - Learn more about Opsite Transparent Film Dressings online from us here at Mountainside Medical Equipment.

Gentell Hydrogel Ag Silver Antimicrobial Wound Gel - Gentell Hydrogel wound care gel is safe and gentle for skin, providing maximum healing properties with little to no skin irritation.

Coloplast Purilon Hydrogel - Coloplast Purilon Hydrogel promotes a healthy, moist healing environment for most light to moderate exudate wounds.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy - Looking for a negative pressure wound drainage vacuum pump for your home? 

Types of Allevyn Wound Dressings - ALLEVYN dressings are available in a variety of makes and styles providing even better wound coverage and management.

Allevyn Wound Dressing Patient Benefits - ALLEVYN wound dressings, by Smith & Nephew, are unique wound care products that are designed to provide enhanced patient comfort and superior absorption.

Allevyn Wound Dressing Caregiver Benefits - Find helpful information on ALLEVYN wound dressings and the benefits on how they promote wound healing while providing enhanced patient comfort.

Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing - Hydrocolloid wound dressings are easy to use, requiring changing only every 3-5 days and are designed for easy, painless removal. 

What Are Winged Bandages? - Largely used to cover more moderate injuries like deep cuts that have penetrated several layers of skin.

Wound Irrigation - Products for the irrigation and closure of advanced wounds from Bionix Medical Products



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