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How to Dispose of Sharps Containers

Due to the hazardous nature of the contents within used sharps containers, proper disposal methods have been outlined by the FDA and the Coalition for Safe Community Needle Disposal. Though methods may vary from state to state, there are common guidelines for how to dispose of sharps containers. If there is any question, refer to for more information.

Considerations for disposing of used sharps containers

1) What types of sharps containers are safe to use?

2) Are there any disposal programs in your area?

3) Can your sharps container be thrown out with regular trash?

4) How to secure the lid of the sharps container.

5) Correct labeling of your used sharps container.


How to dispose of used sharps containers

1) Collection sites - most areas offer collection sites including hospitals, doctors' offices, pharmacies, health departments, medical waste disposals, as well as police and fire departments.

2) Household waste collection - local facilities that process used paints, chemicals, oils, and other hazardous household materials offer collection of sharps containers.

3) Mail-in - some sharps container manufacturers provide resources for mailing in used sharps containers to FDA-approved processing facilities.

4) Private waste pickup - some local waste disposal companies will offer hazardous waste pickup and disposal.


For the safety of yourself, your family, and your community, consider selecting an approved disposal method for used sharps containers in your area. The FDA and disposal website cited above can provide additional resources. Some of these options are free, others carry a nominal fee, but there is no price too high for preventing accidental injury and contamination. Browse sharps disposal containers and gather more information online or call to consult with a friendly representative today at 1-888-687-4334.