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How to Use ADC Adtemp Thermometers

ADC Adtemp thermometers are designed to produce accurate results by means of oral, rectal, and auxiliary exposure. General guidelines include reading instructions completely before using, discouraging activity directly before or during readings, and monitoring patients for safety and to prevent device damage.


How to take temperature with ADC Adtemp Thermometers

1. Place a probe cover over the tip and select oral, underarm, or rectal as the preferred measurement site.

2. Push the multifunction button at the end of the thermometer to perform a function check and ready it for testing.

3. The F or C symbol will flash when the unit is ready. A ""down arrow"" or ""ERR"" indicate troubleshooting is necessary.

4. Results can take anywhere from 40-90 seconds depending on the test site.

5. A solid display will identify the peak temperature has been reached.

6. Record the temperature and time, the reading will be stored in the memory.

7. Either press the multifunction button to shut off the unit or it will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.


Other details on how to use ADC Adtemp Thermometers



  • Do not eat, drink, or exercise within 5 minutes of readings.
  • Probe tip should be placed well under the tongue.
  • Do not bite down on the probe.



  • More commonly used for babies and young children.
  • Lubricate the probe cover for smoother entry.
  • Insert tip no more than 1/2 inch into the rectum


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