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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Incontinence Aids

There are many products on the market that can make living with incontinence easier. While in many cases there is no actual cure for incontinence, there are tools that can be utilized for people who have permanent or persistent incontinence. Those with temporary incontinence problems can also use these products.


Some urinary incontinence aids include:


Adult Briefs – Also known as Adult Diapers, this product is usually reserved for those who have mobility difficulties and may not be able make it to the restroom in time. If the patient has to wait for a caregiver to assist them to the bathroom, this extends the length of time between the initial urge to go and the actual trip to the bathroom, making an accident inevitable in many cases. Adult briefs offer superior protection and come in a large variety of sizes.


Two-Piece Pant Liner – This is a unique product that has an adhesive barrier to cling to underwear, and also has a changeable cloth pad. You can change the pad out between soils and leave the adhesive liner in place. Simply put the new absorbent padding in place and you are ready to go! The two-piece pant and liner set is an excellent option for those with infrequent incontinence.


Disposable Underwear – Similar to Adult Briefs, Disposable Underwear is designed for users with functional mobility. This product accommodates users with moderate to heavy leakage and is a good choice for those looking for a discreet, cloth-like solution.


Bladder Control Pads – Bladder control pads provide protection for light to moderate leakage. Great for users who only require light protection, bladder pads are easy to use and dispose of. These pads have an adhesive strip that is easily secured to regular underwear or incontinence pants.

Belted Undergarments – Suggested for users with moderate incontinence, Belted Undergarments fit similar to the Adult Briefs, but tend to be more discreet. The most suitable candidates for this type of protection are mobile users who require little or no assistance in toileting.

Underpads – Underpads provide added protection, and are great for overnight use. They can be utilized on any surface that a person can sit or lay on including wheelchairs, mattresses and furniture. They are easy to dispose of and generally lock moisture in, so no dripping or seeping occurs. Underpads can be used in addition to any other incontinence product for the purpose of preventing contamination on surfaces in the event of product leakage, or behavior-related refusal to wear an incontinence garment.


Skin Care Products – There are many beneficial and cost-effective incontinence skin care products on the market today. Some are used to remove urine and/or feces from skin gently, while others provide a barrier designed to help keep moisture and waste matter off the skin. Most of these products include emolliants and skin-revitalizing vitamins to ensure safe use.


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