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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Incontinence and Skin Care

The largest organ in the human body is the skin, which also makes it the most likely candidate for breakdown from age, disease, and illness. There are particular considerations that should be included when dealing with incontinence and skin care. Proper care can prevent against redness, rash, maceration, and sores.



Cleansing is the most important consideration for incontinence and skin care. Moisture, waste, and even some cleansers can strip away layers of vital natural oils leading to dry, cracked skin. Ensure all areas are thoroughly cleaned with a quality perineal cleansing product and dry prior to applying any creams, ointments, or coverings.



After completely cleansing the perineal area, ensure that the area is completely moisturized. For incontinence and skin care dimethicone is suggested which adds moisture back into the skin but allows the outer layer to breathe.



Barrier creams are an excellent source of protection for incontinence and skin care that will keep the skin protected from urine and feces. After the perineal area is cleaned and moisturized, it is suggested to apply a silicone or zinc oxide barrier cream to protect and revitalize the skin, keeping unwanted moisture out.


Effective management of incontinence and skin care will prevent conditions such as dermatitis, fungal infections, ulcers, and wounds. Thorough cleaning, moisturizing, and nourishing of the perineal area will improve the health and quality of life for incontinent individuals. Browse available products for managing incontinence and skin care online today, or call to speak with a friendly customer service representative at 1-888-687-4334.