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Mattress Overlays

There are various mattress overlays available to help relieve pressure for patients that are limited in mobility. Types of mattress overlays include air, foam, gel, and water filled, though many are now designed as a combination of multiple materials. Each style has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.


Air Filled Mattress Overlays

For ease of use and customization, air filled mattress overlays are ideal. They tend to be extremely durable, and because of their light weight are easy to move, adjust, repair, and clean. However, air filled mattress overlays require inflation, monitoring of pressure, and can leak if punctured.


Foam Filled Mattress Overlays

Various density foams with the potential for customized construction make foam filled mattress overlays excellent for patient support. These styles are excellent for low maintenance and cost effectiveness. Unfortunately, the resiliency of the foam is limited and is not sturdy enough for all patients. Of particular concern for facilities, foam may trap particulates and is not recommended for multi-patient use.


Gel Filled Mattress Overlays

Though more cost prohibitive than the other styles, gel filled mattress overlays can be used for multiple individuals, are easy to clean, and are extremely durable. Although, gel tends to be heavy and dense leading to difficulty transferring the overlay and creating a moisture rich environment which can exacerbate skin degradation.


Water Filled Mattress Overlays

Excellent for relieving pressure and modifying temperature, water filled mattress overlays are easy to care for and offer effective redistribution of weight. The pitfalls encountered with this type of product are the excessive weight of water, heating requirements, and the potential for puncture.


Mattress Overlays are excellent for treating wounds and ulcers as well as preventing recurrence. Take advantage of exceptionally low pricing today for various styles of mattress overlay or call to speak with a courteous service associate at 1-888-687-4334.