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Medical Grade PVC Furniture

Medical equipment and furnishings are often costly and difficult to care for, but there is an alternative. Medical Grade PVC Furniture features the strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion that patients and caretakers desire without the cost and inconvenience of heavy and expensive equipment. Constructed to the highest quality standards, PVC furnishings can be used at home and in medical facilities often providing a safer alternative to traditional products.


Medical grade PVC furniture combines the rigid manufacturing standards and specifications we have come to expect from equipment at a fraction of the price. PVC furniture is specially crafted to reduce sharp edges and protrusions  in order to enhance comfort while taking the risk out of transfers. Though more lightweight and comfortable than traditional medical equipment, medical grade PVC furniture does not sacrifice quality and will support increased capacity ranging from pediatric to bariatric needs.


Specially designed PVC furniture is available in many different pieces that support various uses. PVC beds are a great alternative to traditional medical-grade beds. With rounded edges, these beds make for easy transfers with little possibilities of getting caught on a rail or edge. Plus PVC holds a warmer temperature than metal making it less disturbing when touching bare skin.


PVC furniture is also great for storage and garment closeting, like the PVC Garment Rack, which is portable and keeps clothing organized and easily accessible. There are also many products that are used clinically including PVC Chart Storage Racks and PVC Isolation Stations. Both the chart storage racks and isolation stations come with caster wheels, making them easily portable and efficient while in use.


So, if you think all this PVC is a little alarming, that it really may not hold up, just know that PVC is actually known for being durable, strong, fire retardant, and easy to keep clean. Currently found in many areas of the life we live, PVC is an excellent material for the construction of medical equipment.


For more information on PVC products like those from the Innovative Products Unlimited brand, check out our website. Or call to speak with one of our excellent medical product professionals online at Mountainisde Medical Equipment.