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MI Paste for Acid Erosion

What is Acid Erosion?

Acid erosion, or wearing away of the teeth, can result from a buildup of acids in the mouth from internal or external sources. The introduction of acids can come from soft drinks, alcohol, sour foods, pregnancy, gastric reflux, or eating disorders, among other sources. High levels of acidity can wear away tooth enamel and cause sensitivity and decay.


How do MI Paste and MI Paste Plus combat Acid Erosion?

  • MI Paste creates an alkaline pH in the mouth to balance the high oral acid levels
  • Mi Paste and GC Dry Mouth Gel help improve saliva production
  • MI Paste contains vital Calcium and Phosphate preventing mineral loss
  • MI Paste soothes and prevents sensitivity
  • MI Paste restores, protects, and strengthens teeth to fight decay and demineralization


My condition is only temporary, can MI Paste still help?

Even if the conditions affecting the oral acid levels are temporary, it is still essential to maintain strong, healthy teeth. MI Paste can help replenish minerals, balance acid levels, and protect and sooth sensitive areas.


Who can benefit from MI Paste's acid erosion protection?

  • Anyone who consumes soft drinks, sports drinks, alcohol, acidic foods, or tobacco products
  • Young adults who are active and may have varied diets
  • Expectant mothers, especially those subject to reflux and morning sickness
  • Anyone receiving medical treatments and medications
  • Persons with acid reflux, eating or gastric disorders
  • Anyone experiencing sensitivity from heat or cold
  • Anyone who values their smile


Using MI Paste for Acid Erosion

  • Use MI Paste or MI Paste Plus at least twice a day, or as often as needed
  • Apply MI Paste before and after exposure to acids
  • MI Paste can be used indefinitely
  • MI Paste can be applied using a finger, swab, or dental tray
  • Use MI Paste products in conjunction with acid reduction efforts for best results