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MI Paste for Oncology Patients

How does Oncology affect the teeth?

Cancer treatments including medications, chemotherapy, and radiation can lead to dry mouth, nausea, and acid reflux. Decreased production of saliva and a highly acidic oral environment contribute significantly to tooth and gum decay. MI Paste and MI Paste Plus help to relieve discomfort, balance pH levels, and restore vital minerals to the teeth and soft oral tissue.

Is MI Paste safe for Oncology Patients?

Not only is MI Paste safe and effective for Oncology Patients, but its use can counteract much of the oral discomfort associated with cancer treatment. The effects of dry mouth and tooth decay add pain and discomfort to an already challenging situation. Feeling and displaying a healthy, vibrant smile is not only deserving of Oncology patients, but is actually better for their overall health and well-being in the long run. Soothing and repairing the oral environment also helps to ensure that patients undergoing treatment will receive proper oral nutrition in order to stay healthy overall.


How can MI Paste help Oncology Patients?

  • MI Paste restores the natural lubricated feeling as from saliva
  • MI Paste can help strengthen and protect teeth from erosion and decay
  • MI Paste restores vital minerals like Calcium and Phosphate
  • MI Paste helps sooth and protect against sensitivity
  • The MI Paste formula balances acid levels in the mouth restoring pH


Does MI Paste and GC Dry Mouth Gel really help?

Natural saliva protects and restores the oral environment, but is compromised during cancer treatment leading to discomfort, decay, and dental caries (the bacteria that causes cavities). MI Paste and GC Dry Mouth Gel introduce a natural feeling of lubrication to sooth mouth sensitivity similar to natural saliva. The two MI Paste formulas can help deliver vital minerals that help to rebuild the teeth and sooth soft tissue.


Using MI Paste for Oncology Patients

  • MI Paste should be applied at least twice daily, or as desired for oral comfort.
  • Use MI Paste after brushing and flossing, and for acid challenges or dry mouth.
  • MI Paste is safe to use indefinitely as needed.
  • Apply a pea sized portion to the teeth using a finger, swab, or dental tray.
  • MI Paste and GC Dry Mouth Gel create a comfortable, healthy, oral environment.