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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

MI Paste for Orthodontics

Can MI Paste be used with Braces?

MI Paste is excellent for those undergoing Orthodontic treatment, and afterwards. Braces trap plaque creating detrimental buildup that can leave white spots, cause mineral loss, and cavities. MI Paste helps to remove plaque, combat white spot lesions, and restore a brilliant smile.


How does MI Paste help with Orthodontics?

Orthodontic appliances are difficult to clean - even with brushes, picks, and flossing. MI Paste is distributed throughout the mouth reaching areas that are subject to bacteria and plaque buildup. The revitalizing nutrients such as Calcium and Phosphate, or even Fluoride in MI Paste Plus, help protect, strengthen, and rebuild enamel.

How does MI Paste work?

  • MI Paste guards against the buildup of plaque and bacteria
  • MI Paste contains Calcium, Phosphate, and Fluoride (Plus) to strengthen enamel
  • MI Paste prevents white spot lesions
  • MI Paste increases the strength and appearance of enamel for a brilliant smile


Using MI Paste for Orthodontics

  • Apply MI Paste at least twice daily during orthodontic treatment for prevention.
  • Apply MI Paste as desired after orthodontic treatment to maintain a healthier smile.
  • Use MI Paste in the morning and evening after oral care, or as desired.
  • Use MI Paste daily during orthodontics and for at least 12 weeks after.
  • Apply a pea sized amount by finger, swab, or dental tray.
  • Apply MI Paste to brackets, bands, and all tooth surfaces.