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MI Paste for Polypharmacy

What is Polypharmacy?

Polypharmacy is defined as the use of multiple medications by a patient and is more common in individuals with multiple or chronic ailments, and with the elderly. Polypharmacy leaves the individual at risk for medication oral interactions. One of the common challenges associated with Polypharmacy is Xerostomia, or Dry Mouth.


Are your medications causing dry mouth?

Over 1,000 medications are known to cause dry mouth as a side effect including treatments for allergies, blood pressure, heart disease, and depression. Combating illness can be challenging enough without the added discomfort of dry mouth and the subsequent oral decay. MI Paste is specially formulated to sooth and counteract dry mouth and encourage the production of healthy saliva.

Why should I use MI Paste to treat medication-related dry mouth?

Polypharmacy introduces multiple medications that can decrease saliva production causing discomfort and decreasing natural protective elements. Saliva distributes minerals and lubricates the mouth during normal functioning, but less or poor quality saliva will lead to tooth decay, sensitivity, and cavities. MI Paste restores natural-feeling lubrication and introduces Calcium and Phosphate to help rebuild enamel.


How does MI Paste help Polypharmacy-related dry mouth?

  • MI Paste restores natural feeling lubrication to the mouth easing discomfort.
  • The restorative formula delivers Calcium, Phosphate, and Fluoride (MI Paste Plus).
  • MI Paste helps to strengthen enamel and resist tooth decay.
  • MI Paste soothes sensitive areas of the teeth and mouth tissue.


Using MI Paste for Polypharmacy

  • Apply MI Paste at least twice daily after brushing and as desired.
  • Use MI Paste in the morning and in the evening and when saliva is low.
  • MI Paste, MI Paste Plus, and GC Dry Mouth Gel are safe to use indefinitely.
  • Apply a pea sized amount by finger, swab, or dental tray.
  • Consider GC Dry Mouth Gel for periods of dry mouth.