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MI Paste for Tooth Whitening

Want a whiter smile without the sensitivity?

There isn't anything much more attractive than a bright, beautiful smile, but tooth whitening can cause white spots and increased sensitivity. MI Paste can help to counteract sensitivity and restore that brilliant, healthy smile.


Why do my teeth hurt after Whitening?

Most Tooth Whitening procedures use either a bleach or a mild abrasive to affect the color. Whitening procedures can temporarily affect the strength and composition of natural enamel leading to increased sensitivity - especially to heat and cold. MI Paste helps combat sensitivity by bonding with the tooth's enamel and delivering Calcium, Phosphate, and Fluoride (MI Paste Plus) to strengthen and rebuild enamel.


How can MI Paste counteract the effects of Tooth Whitening?

  • MI Paste helps sooth sensitivity from weakened enamel layers
  • MI Paste bonds with teeth to buffer against plaque and bacteria
  • The restoring formula delivers Calcium, Phosphate, and Fluoride (MI Paste Plus)
  • MI Paste aids in the protection and strengthening of tooth enamel


Using MI Paste for Tooth Whitening

  • Apply MI Paste before and immediately after Tooth Whitening and as desired.
  • Use MI Paste 1 hour before whitening or directly after tray removal, or as needed.
  • Continue using MI Paste for at least 2 weeks after Tooth Whitening.
  • Apply a pea sized amount by finger, swab, or dental tray.
  • If using a whitening tray, make sure it is cleaned prior to adding MI Paste.