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Mindful Eating for Diabetes

Diabetes can make managing blood sugar levels tricky. A recent study out of Ohio State University looked at how eating habits can help lower blood sugar.


The study showed that mindful eating can be just as beneficial as following nutritional restrictions. Both methods of eating provided a lowering of blood glucose levels and an average weight loss of 3 ½ pounds to 6 pounds over a 3-month time period.


Mindful eating requires the patient consider what they are putting into their bodies, and whether they are truly hungry or not. The technique puts the patient into a true one-on-one relationship with their body. Physiologically our bodies indicate to us when we are hungry, however, watching cooking shows or seeing an ad or commercial for a favorite food can also trigger hunger. The mindful eating technique puts the patient and body in control of what is consumed and the volume.


Having diabetes limits what is acceptable in the body. Even a small “cheat” can cause a diabetic attack. With mindful eating, a close relationship between patient and body ensures that eating is a response to hunger and the consumption choices have been well thought out. In addition, mindful eating gives the control back to the patient. Following nutritional guidelines or a diabetic diet plans strips the patient of freedom of choice, and can be frustrating, often unintentionally leading to bad choices. Mindful eating offers patients freedom in return for making good decisions.