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Suction Nasal Aspiration

Suction nasal aspiration is a process used to remove mucus from a person's nose in a safe and effective way. The process works by suctioning the mucus from the nasal passages into a sterile container. It is often used in children or adults who have a lot of mucus buildup to help them breathe easier. It is a quick procedure and usually causes little or no discomfort to the person. The trapped mucus can then be analyzed to help determine the cause of the problem. When done correctly the benefits can include improved breathing, reduction of infection, reduction of inflammation, and lessening of sinus pressure. Suction nasal aspiration can also be used as an aid to help clear the nose for sleeping.

Instructions on How to Remove Mucus Secretions By Nasal Aspiration

1. Prepare the suction machine and suction catheter.

2. Lubricate the suction catheter with a sterile irrigation solution.

3. Position the patient comfortably with the head tilted slightly back

4. Insert the suction catheter into the nose, aiming toward the area of mucus accumulation.

5. Activate the suction device to remove mucus from the patient's nose.

6. Carefully move the catheter around in the nose to suction out additional secretions.

7. Monitor the patient for signs of discomfort or distress.

8. Discontinue suctioning if the patient becomes distressed or uncomfortable.

9. Evaluate the amount of mucus removed and assess the patient's response.

10. Dispose of the suction catheter in an appropriate container or discard into the appropriate receptacle.

Nasal aspiration refers to the process of using suction to remove mucus from the nose, which is usually performed using a device called an aspirator. Nasal aspiration is generally used for those who unable to blow out the mucus material on their own (such as babies and those with limited mobility and/or understanding).