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Could You Use a Nebulizer in Your Home?

You may not be familiar with the term nebulizer, but you've probably seen one. The most common term for a nebulizer is a breathing machine. This machine is used with different types of medications, but if it's used in the home, it's normally used to administer asthma medicine. If you have asthma or care for an asthma patient, you may benefit from having a nebulizer in your home.


What Would I Need an Asthma Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a machine that changes certain medications from liquid to mist. This makes the medicine easier to inhale into the lungs. Although you can use a nebulizer for many different medical situations, home nebulizers are most often used to treat asthma patients. A nebulizer in the home is often very useful to treat children and infants with asthma. The machine is also useful for adults who can't use asthma inhalers.


We have a large selection of nebulizers and nebulizer supplies on our site that can be used with asthma medication. However, if you want a nebulizer for your home, you may need to have a prescription. If you plan on using your insurance to pay for the machine, your insurance company may require proof that you really need it. The machine may or may not be covered under the durable medical equipment portion of your health insurance policy, so check before you make a purchase.

An asthma nebulizer requires a few accessories in order to work properly. First you need the nebulizer machine/compressor, which is the most important part because that's where most of the work is done. A mask or a mouthpiece is also needed so the patient can inhale the medication. Nebulizer tubing attaches to the compressor and carries the medication to the mask or mouthpiece. Then you need a nebulizer bottle, which attaches the mouthpiece to the tubing which connects to the compressor.


So in short, you need five pieces of equipment to have an efficient home asthma nebulizer:

  1. Nebulizer Machine
  2. Tubing
  3. Nebulizer Bottle
  4. Mask or Mouthpiece
  5. Medication

How to Use a Home Asthma Nebulizer

Using a nebulizer at home isn't difficult at all. Make sure to sit the compressor on a sturdy surface and plug it into a safe outlet. You will probably need a three-prong outlet. Also make sure that your hands, and the treatment area, are clean. The next step is to carefully measure the proper amount of medication and pour it into the nebulizer cup.


After the medication is prepared, carefully attach the cup to the mask or mouthpiece. Then connect the tubing to the compressor and the nebulizer cup. When you've completed these steps, it's safe to turn on the compressor. If the machine is working correctly, it should release a slight mist into the air. There should be just enough mist for you to see that it's working.


If you're using a mask with the nebulizer, you will need to slip the mask over your face. If you're using a mouthpiece, you will have to place it between your teeth. All you have to do then is breathe the medication until it's all gone. If you feel ill during the treatment, you may need to slow your breathing. If that doesn't help, stop the treatment and consult your doctor.

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