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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

In order to promote healing of chronic wounds, negative pressure wound therapy facilitates drainage and blood flow. Negative pressure has become a more common substitute for standard dressings in the last 5-7 years offering an alternative therapy especially targeted to deep, slow healing wound beds.


How does Negative Pressure Wound Therapy work?

The practice of applying negative pressure wound therapy creates a vacuum over deep wounds that draws exudate from the wound bed while at the same time stimulating blood flow to grow healthy tissue. There are two primary methods of applying negative pressure therapy to chronic wounds involving transparent dressings and drainage lines, and absorbent dressings without collection canisters.


Transparent Dressing Negative Pressure

This process involves packing a wound, commonly with a foam block, and covering the area with an occlusive transparent dressing. Tubing is used under the occlusive dressing to create a vacuum and draw exudate into a collection canister. This method is ideal for high-drainage wounds.

The industry leader for this method of wound therapy is KCI, specializing in supplying the equipment, and it is most commonly used in acute and long-term care facilities. Their solution referred to as Wound V.A.C. is a brand name often associated with negative pressure wound therapy.


Absorbent Dressing Negative Pressure

Implementing a revolutionary new gauze design, this method utilizes a disposable pump connected by tubing to the dressing that draws from low to moderately exudating wounds. The internal surface of the dressing is occlusive to create a barrier over the wound and it provides a porous external layer allowing excess moisture to evaporate to prevent maceration.

Recently developed by Smith & Nephew, this variation to KCI brand products offers a portable and more affordable solution for negative pressure wound therapy and it is even appropriate for self-care of light to moderately draining wounds.


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