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Obese Patients and Caregivers Appreciate Bariatric Medical Equipment

People living with obesity are often made to feel like outsiders. Things that smaller people take for granted are often causes of anxiety for larger people. Simple items like airplane and movie theater seats, cars, and office chairs are often too small for obese people. This often causes great embarrassment and anxiety. Obese people also sometimes require bariatric medical equipment designed to hold heavy weight.


If a person weighs more than the maximum weight for any piece of medical equipment, they could cause damage or harm to themselves and the equipment. So if you provide care for an obese person, it’s important to get bariatric medical equipment. This article will take a look at some of the most commonly used bariatric medical supplies.


Bariatric Medical Equipment for the Home or Hospital

If you’re dealing with obese patients, it’s important to make them comfortable. It’s a great idea to have strong armless chairs or sofas that aren’t low to the ground. This will make it easy for an obese person to sit comfortably, without worrying about damaging the furniture. A bariatric recliner isn’t technically a piece of bariatric medical equipment, but it would come in handy for any hospital room or home with an obese person.


Bariatric recliners are extra wide and designed to hold heavy weight. They usually have strong padding on the seat and back to prevent sagging. Weight capacity varies, but most of them will hold up to 400 pounds. These special recliners can usually be found wherever bariatric medical equipment is sold.


Another useful piece of bariatric medical equipment is an extra wide examination table. This will make examinations more comfortable for obese people. The table should be attached to the floor or wall when necessary, so there’s no danger of tipping. Examination rooms should also have bariatric examination gowns so obese patients can wear them comfortably with no embarrassment.


General Bariatric Medical Equipment

Since obesity is more prevalent than it once was, there’s a wider variety of bariatric medical equipment now available. For instance, obese patients may benefit from having a bariatric commode. These commodes are much more accessible than standard toilets. Depending on the model, they can easily hold anywhere from 400 to 650 pounds.


Bariatric commodes are held together by strong steel bars, and have armrests for added comfort. The armrests also make it easier for patients to maneuver themselves on and off of the commode without help. The bucket and commode are easy to empty and clean. So any obese patient would benefit from having a bariatric commode available.


Other pieces of useful bariatric medical equipment include blood pressure monitors with large cuffs. Standard sized cups are often too tight or don’t fit obese patients. Large arm cuffs can provide more accurate readings. For obese patients with urinary problems, bariatric adult diapers are available. The diapers vary in size, with the largest being able to fit an 84 inch waist.


Bariatric medical equipment is available from online medical suppliers like Mountainside Medical Equipment. You won’t be able to walk into a general store and find this heavy duty equipment. But the search is worth it if you provide medical care for obese patients. You should want to make them as comfortable as possible, and bariatric medical equipment can help you do that.