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Ostomy Care Products

Ostomy products include pouches, irrigation systems, sealing, adhering, removing, and disposing of waste. Products are designed to prevent infection, maintain skin integrity, and securely provide support to wearers.


Ostomy Pouches - various drainage systems are available including one and two piece pouch systems. Colostomy pouches feature a skin barrier or wafer that attaches to the stoma and is fitted with a pouch that collects waste material. Pouches may be completely sealed or fitted with a clamp and drain port. One piece systems feature an attached pouch and wafer so that the whole unit is changed at once, whereas, two piece systems allow the pouch to be changed while the wafer remains attached.


Ostomy Irrigation Systems - stoma irrigation requires the use of a stoma cap, and often, a lubricant on the stoma. The procedure works much like using an enema to perform a colon cleanse. The irrigation system uses and irrigation bag and a connecting tube to flush the stool from the colon.


Stoma Care Products - diligent stoma care is essential for ostomy patients in order to maintain a healthy skin area around the opening. There are ostomy powders to seal out unwanted wetness, stoma rings that seal the area around the stoma, and even gentle deodorizers for easy odor reduction and elimination.


Ostomy Accessories - other related ostomy supplies include those for cleaning the pouches and skin, products for removing and disposing of pouches, as well as stoma adhesives and adhesive removers.


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