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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Patient Lifts

Lifts are specially made medical devices to help patients with mobilization limitations. There are several different types of lifts available, all designed to accommodate specific needs. All lifts are designed to keep a patient's dignity intact and to move them safely during their transfer.


Manual Lifts:  Manual lifts are the most basic lifts available and will work with a variety of style and size sling attachments. Offering excellent functionality, mechanical lifts are operated by a hydraulic hand pump, and provide the caregiver with full operational capabilities.


Power Lifts:  The structure of a basic power lift is comparable to that of the manual lift, but offer easier operation with powered function. The power lift remote control allows the caregiver a safer operational experience in comparison to the manual lifts. A power lift utilizes electricity provided by either a battery pack or an outlet plug. Keeping your lift battery pack charged will allow for operation of power lifts during electrical outages. Like manual patient lifts, power lifts work with a many sling styles and sizes.


Standing Lifts:  These lifts are designed to help patients who may be ambulatory but have weakness issues when it comes to standing after being seated. Standing lifts provide patients with the stability and support behind them as they work their lower extremities. They can also be used for physical therapy activities and commode use assistance.


Bariatric Lifts:  Bariatric lifts are designed to accommodate patients with weights up to 600 pounds. These lifts are also known as “Heavy-Duty Lifts” because of the ultra durable construction needed to accommodate bariatric patients. Bariatric lifts are designed similarly to Manual and Power lifts but come with a variety of options, making bariatric lifts customizable for ease-of-use and/or comfort.


Bath Lifts:  As their name describes, bath lifts, are designed to make bathing and personal care easier, more comfortable, and time-saving. In some instances, able patients can utilize these lifts to bathe themselves. Designed with safety in mind, these lifts are generally built with a reclining sling to make bathing an easier process. They are also designed to prevent stalling when in contact with water, making these lifts safe for their purpose.


Overhead Lifts:  These unique lifts are designed as an entire track system for easy mobility while the user is in the sling. Overhead lifts tend to be more stable and comfortable for patients. They also offer caregivers the freedom to attend to other needs the patient has, while still providing supervision during transfer. Suggested for bedroom and bathroom use, overhead lifts can be installed and utilized almost anywhere in a patient's house or a facility.


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