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Pressure Sore Dressings

Advanced wound care techniques employ the use of pressure sore dressings for protection, debridement, and infection control. Effective wound care methods include compensating for a variety of internal and external factors to relieve pain, aid in healing, and combat infection. Wounds can be extremely painful, difficult to heal, and detrimental to overall health.



Pressure sore dressings are designed for debridement, which is the removal of necrotic tissue and exudate from the wound. Necrotic tissue is the existence of dead cells in living tissue which is commonly caused by trauma, infection, or toxins. Exudate is fluid from the body that travels to wound areas commonly referred to as pus.


Types of Pressure Sore Dressings



Hydrogels can be used as pressure sore dressings to protect the wound area and aid in debridement, but offer low exudate absorption as they are mostly water based. They are often used to fill space in wounds and protect the surfaces from external contaminants. Often, hydrogels are used in conjunction with a secondary dressing.



Hydrocolloid pressure sore dressings are used on non-infected wounds and prevent bacteria, water, or oxygen from reaching the wound. These dressings are excellent for debridement of necrotic tissue.


Alginate Dressings

Alginate pressure sore dressings are designed for moderately to highly exudating wounds as they are highly absorbent. This style is not recommended for dry wounds as they can lead to dehydration of the area and delay healing.


Transparent Films

For effective monitoring of wounds, transparent film pressure sore dressings are unparalleled. Though they feature low absorption, they are often used in conjunction with hydrogels or other dressings to create a moist and protected healing environment.


There are many variations of pressure sore dressings. To view a more complete listing and specific styles, browse our wound care products online today or call to speak with a service representative at 1-888-687-4334.