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Pro Advantage Instant Hand Sanitizer 4 oz with Flip Cap

Germs are something one can never escape, they are everywhere. If you’re out for lunch, or shopping with the family and especially in schools and at work, germs fester and spread and you can pick them up with just one simple touch. It’s important to keep you hands clean, but it’s just not possible to wash your hands as often as you need to in order to avoid germs. The Pro Advantage Instant Hand Sanitizer 4oz with Flip Cap comes in a small bottle that you can take with you everywhere so you won’t need to find a sink with some soap, and you can cleanse your hands on the spot.

Pro Advantage Instant Hand Sanitizer 4 oz with Flip Cap sanitizes and kills germs with its lightly scented formula. This hand sanitizer has a 62% alcohol content formula and comes in a smooth gel rub. The second you apply the sanitizer you reduce the spread of bacteria and kill the harmful germs that can bring in unwanted sickness. The formula also has skin conditioners to prevent your skin from drying out and just a small amount is used each time you want to cleanse your hands and skin. The easy to use flip cap makes the bottle convenient to throw in a purse or bag without the worry of it spilling out.

Mountainside Medical Equipment is a proud supplier of Pro Advantage Instant Hand Sanitizer 4 oz with Flip Cap, and offers it at a great, low price. To get yours today go to our website to place an order, or call 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our helpful Medical Supply Specialists.