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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Residential Reclining Chairs

As home care and long term care continues to increase in popularity with the expanding elder population, residential reclining chairs are more in demand than ever for their support, ease of use, and resistance to elements such as fire and bacteria. Residential reclining chairs, such as a 3-position recliner, are designed to provide firm support for the individual in upright and horizontal positioning.



Often fitted with rolling casters, residential reclining chairs allow for easy transfer and adjustment making them extremely versatile for home and facility settings. Accommodating multiple positions, 3-position recliners are great for relaxation, rest, and even medical treatment.


Structural Support

3-Position reclining chairs are designed to provide complete support for seating as well as ergonomic support of the back and legs. Most models come complete with arm rests, reinforced frames, and a moveable tray for use as a table or desk surface.


Durable Upholstery

Made with resilient foam padding and thick protective coverings, residential reclining chairs resist wear, flame, and the absorption of contaminants. Most 3-position recliner surfaces can be easily wiped clean with a mild detergent.


Home Applications

Residential reclining chairs are excellent for home use especially when receiving regular care and therapy such as oxygen, wound care, and incontinence care. The resistance to contaminants and bacteria offers peace of mind and enhanced hygiene, while the versatility is superb for care, entertainment, or rest.


Facility Applications

Residents and care providers agree that 3-position recliners are excellent for treating and transport being ideal for care, dining, and rest. Especially significant is the protection these chairs offer against accident and contamination which is a major concern in all healthcare settings.


Residential reclining chairs can be an excellent choice for any age or health related concerns for persons still seeking to maintain independent activity. In particular, 3-position recliners are utilized for dialysis, wound care, incontinence, blood draws, and respiratory conditions.