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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Spill Kit Instructions

Hazardous materials can be harmful or fatal if not attended to as quickly and effectively as possible. The following blood spill kit instructions will outline the materials found in most common kits and the appropriate usage. Always defer to a trained staff member for cleaning spills unless nobody else is available.


Spill Kit Materials


In addition to included spill kit instructions in most kits you will find:

  • Gloves, protective gown, and face mask
  • Absorbent powders, disinfectants, towels, and wipes
  • Scraper, scoop, and disposal bag
  • Biohazard labels and forms


Spill Kit Protective Wear Instructions


After assessing the extent of the spill and acquiring the spill kit, begin by donning protective coverage. Slip on the protective gown over clothing and securely fasten any straps or buttons. After the gown is properly secured, slide on gloves being careful not to tear any holes. Lastly, secure the protective facemask, preferably with eye shield, and prepare for fluid clean-up.


Spill Kit Fluid Control Instructions


Begin fluid clean-up by saturating the affected area with an absorbent powder such as Red Z Solidifier which will act as a sponge to soak up harmful fluids and form a solid substance. Scrape up this hazardous solid and scoop carefully into a disposal bag. Use included towels and surface disinfectants to clean the debris free area.


Spill Kit Documentation Materials


Once the spill is contained and cleaned, remove all protective gear and place it into the disposal bag sealing it with a biohazard label. To ensure that no harmful materials remain on the skin, use the included disinfectant wipes. Thoroughly document any information regarding the incident including location, materials (if known), clean-up notes, amounts, etc.


Spill Kit Instructions Summary


Hazardous material spills can be detrimental and may contain pathogens that are dangerous and potentially lethal. Please make sure to follow the blood spill kit instructions included with your product or defined by your organization safely and thoroughly.