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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Suture Removal Kit

Keep your facility running efficiently and cost effectively!


Sutures, also known as “stitches,” are used to close cuts and wounds in the skin and can be used in nearly every part of the body, whether its internally or externally. Physicians “sew” the skin together with individual sutures and secure with a knot. The sutures then allow the skin to heal naturally when it may not come together otherwise. Surgeons also use sutures during operations to tie ends of bleeding vessels and to close surgical incisions. Sutures come in two different forms, absorbable (they disintegrate on their own over time) and nonabsorbable (need to be removed after the wound is healed). Suture removal kits are convenient packs that are pre-assembled with necessary tools commonly used for the procedure.


The Curity Suture Removal Kit, for example, comes fully equipped with all the necessities needed for removing sutures from wounds. This kit is excellent for clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices. It is made for single use and can be easily stored. It helps healthcare professionals save time, cut down on waste, and provide better patient care. This suture removal kit comes with 3” x 3” Curity gauze sponges, and is available with a variety of forceps and scissor options to choose from. Plus, it is sterile and packaged for efficiency.


Mountainside Medical Equipment is a proud supplier of suture removal kits. Save time and energy today by purchasing your suture kit from our website, or call 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our helpful Medical Supply Specialists for more information.